Gold Flotation Process

Process Introduction

Forth flotation process is widely used in gold processing. In China, 80% rock gold is processed by flotation. Flotation process maximizes the enrichment of gold into sulfide minerals. The tailings can be directly discharged. Flotation in gold mine has low beneficiation cost.

Process Application

Gold Flotation Process is use to process fine gold, sulfide gold-containing quartz ore, multi metal gold-containing sulfide ore and carbon-containing ore.

Flotation Equipment

Gold Flotation equipment:Flotation machine, High Efficiency Agitation Tank ,Efficient Thickener and mining pump. The details are as followed.

  • SF Flotation Machine

    SF Flotation Machine

    SF Flotation Machine can be widely used for separating non-ferrous metal, black metal, noble metal, non-metal mineral, raw body and materials of chemical industry, which are subject to roughing and scavenging of large and middle scale flotation plants. SF flotation cell can also be composed flotation cell unit with JJF flotation cell as the suction tank of every operation.

  • Submerged Slurry Pump

    Submerged Slurry Pump

    Submerged Slurry Pump is a submerged slurry pump with high wear resistance.Xinhai submerged slurry pump is used in mining, environmental protection, paper industry, refineries, thermal power plant, cement plant, gas coking plant, steel plant, printing and dyeing, sucking strong liquor, thickened oil, foul liquid, slurry, mortar and floating sludge from city drainage ditch.

  • Efficient Thickener

    Efficient Thickener

    Efficient thickener is produced by introducing American technique.Efficient thickener can be widely used in metallurgy, mines, coal, chemical industry, building materials, environmental protection and other departments, which has significance for improvement of water returning utilization rate and underflow conveying concentration.

  • Agitation Tank

    Agitation Tank

    Agitation Tank is a traditional agitation equipment.Agitation tank is mainly applied in slurry stirring before floatation, chemical and construction industry, cyanide chemical plant, sewage treatment plant, and coal plant etc.

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Flotation Reagents

Flotation reagents have good collecting to gold, and can be selectively to symbiosis with gold sulfide mineral collecting, activate or inhibit, realizing the gold ore dressing.The details are as followed.Flotation reagent

Collecting Agent: Gold ore is often polluted by organic of nature, which is not conducive to beneficiation,.We can use collector to improve the situation, and improve the selectivity of gold in gold ore flotation, with high gold recovery. Common collector includes xanthate, alkoxy or phenoxy group dial sulfur amino acid cool and thiourea, dihydrocarbyl or diaryl a phosphorothioate thiosulfate Mountain of vinegar and a vinegar, microphone mile and amino spit thiophene etc.

Activating Agent:Gold flotation activator can often be soluble alkali metal salts, through its metal ion adsorption to mineral surfaces change the characteristics of the mineral surface, thereby expanding the range of mineral buoyant, increasing the floating rate, improve the selectivity gold mine. Commonly used copper sulfate as activator of gold flotation.

Foaming Agent: Foaming agent as a surfactant in the air - to reduce the interfacial tension of the water interface, prompting the air to form tiny bubbles in the slurry to expand sorting interface, ensure the bubbles rise to form a foam layer, resulting foam product. In the gold mining beneficiation process, the length and stability is very important foaming agent, polyethylene glycol, commonly used in combination with other foaming agents, selective processing copper and gold mine is the choice of weak foaming agents, such as MIBC.

Flotation Data

Grinding fineness of gold

For the gold wrapped in sulfide minerals, sulfide ore reaches monomer dissociation; but for the gold with gangue, grinding fineness should reach gold monomer dissociation. Grinding fineness of minerals is determined by test.。

Concentration of gold flotation process

Flotation for large density and coarse particle needs thick pulp, whereas for small density and fine particle, need dilute pulp.

Other process conditions

In addition to the grinding fineness, process conditions of gold flotation also includes slurry concentration, reagent dosage, aeration quantity, flotation time.

Process Flow

Gold mineral flotation normally adopts one stage grinding-flotation process, but stages grinding and flotation for ore with uneven distribution.

Gold Flotation Process